First National Bank of Northfield

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First National Bank of Northfield was established in 1872. During the first 21 years of its existence, the bank was headquartered in the Scriver Building, the site now occupied by the Northfield Historical Society. It was there that the infamous bank raid of 1876 by the James-Younger gang occurred. In 1893, the bank moved to the Nutting Building at the corner of Fourth and Division Streets, which was built in 1889. In 1976, the bank expanded into the building that had been occupied by a retail clothing store. The Second Mergen Building was acquired in 1990.

The bank’s current collections in the Collaborative include the 80+ items in its lobby display case, and cartes-de-visite of key actors in the 1876 bank raid.


Joseph Lee Heywood, acting bank cashier

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First National Bank is located at 329 Division St. in Northfield. The bank can be reached at 507-645-5656 or

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