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  1. Ashley Riddle said:

    I wanted to send over a little thank you for your page http://northfieldhistorycollaborative.org/primary-source-sets/world-war-ii I decided last year that I want to pursue nursing, I got a late start in life but I am so excited! I’m in the middle of writing a paper on History’s Famous Female Nurses and your page helped me widen by paper! So thank you!

    I hit a little writer’s block and after I came across your page I could only find pages or information that I already utilized and I was becoming a little frustrated, writing is defiantly a weak point for me. I went down to the libraries writing lab for some help, and one of the volunteers helped me find this awesome page that talks about the life and roles of women in the war. The page goes in-depth on women on the home front, nurses, WASP (Women’s air force service pilots!) and a ton more. I learned a ton and it helped me widen my paper by three extra paragraphs.

    I thought because you had the information on other nurses, that you would like to add the page? https://www.fragrancex.com/fragrance-information/the-role-of-women-in-world-war-ii.html The information there is awesome and I think your users would find it extremely helpful, just as I did. Plus who doesn’t like helpful suggestions? I know it came in handy for me, Thank you again for the help. I think it’s great to know that these ladies are still inspiring young girls’ like me to help and make a change in our world!

    Warmest Regards,
    Ashley Riddle

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